FRANCESCO BALZANO is a designer based in Paris. His research work is a permanent tribute to the beauty of timeless things. The simplicity is used as an ultimate sophistication, mixing noble materials, purity of lines and essential functions of everyday lifestyle. He developed items which are actually custom made by VAN DEN WEGHE / ITEMS in Belgium and he is exhibited to the Belgium Design Fair INTERIEUR BE. His work is presented at the COLLECTIBLE FAIR in Vanderborght Brussels with VAN DEN WEGHE / ITEMS and for the Itinerance project of Jean François Declercq from ATELIER JESPERS, in collaboration with KOLKHOZE gallery. Francesco Balzano is represented by STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN in Miami, KOLKHOZE in Paris, PERSPECTIVE in Stockholm for Limited Edition furniture custom made by ATELIERS SAINT-JACQUES within the Fondation de Coubertin, where they practice the excellence of their crafts, the art of joinery, metalwork, stone cutting and foundry. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED_ 2019